30 reasons in 30 days – Reasons 11 & 12

Reason 11: To make a difference.

This is obviously a very bold statement and one that we’ve grappled with on our journey. There have been moments when it seems like ourselves and people we know have been trying to so hard to spread their message but it just falls on deaf ears. And that really sucks. But we’ve come to realise that while the task of saving the rainforest, saving Orang-utans and making the world a better place is somewhat overwhelming, every small action or decision makes a difference. We know that we have changed our lifestyle a lot over the past 10 months and we now choose to live a palm oil, cruelty free life. And we feel a lot better about that. Our goal is that if every 10 people we speak to about the issues in Borneo and just one of them makes a change because of what we said, then we’re in front and we are helping.

Reason 12: To end deforestation.

Again, this is an enormous statement and obviously not one that we can manage on our own. But again, education and research has given us an enormous amount of statistics and verbal weaponry that we are now able to whip out at any stage. To cut to the chase, the deforestation that is happening is contributing to climate change, loss of habitat for the Orang-utans, Tigers and Elephants and causing chaos for the indigenous communities of Borneo who are trying to make a living off of the land. And it needs to stop.

Part of our fundraising goes towards purchasing the Heart of Borneo, an area 220 squared kiometres worth of land. If you want to see deforestation stopped, please donate to WWF Australia here.

We’ll be back later in the week with more of our reasons! Stay tuned!